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Avto-let is a system for bus tickets online booking. It can be used for both: simple and complex routes, allowing to increase the speed of working with the passengers' traffic system, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the operators' job.

The main goal of Avto-let service creation was to improve the performance of the dispatchers' job due to the simplified interface which would allow creating both: simple (Point A - Point B) and complex (Point A - Point B - <..> Point n) routes and booking the tickets in the respective buses. Also, the system was supposed to have a possibility for saving the previously created routes as well as creating the trip calendar. Besides that, the Avto-let system incorporated the possibility to review and analyze the finished trips in order to calculate the additional bonuses that the drivers should receive.

Functional features

  • Route calculation
  • Ticket booking system
  • Billing system

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