POS System

Automate your sales process with CuboRubo POS system

what is pos system?

POS stands for Point of Sale. Basically, it is a system that allows automating the selling process, collect the history of sales and integrate selling terminal with other services, such as payment processors, CRM systems or warehouse management systems.

Save Money

With automated system there are less staff required to process sales.

Save Time

Your salespersons can concentrate on closing another deal instead of working with documents.

Improve Sales

With POS system, you will have all the data about the each customer`s purchases.

How to improve sales with data from POS system

Reduce the time required for purchase

Reduce the time required for purchase

According to the statistics, 74.63% of online sales are made “on-the-spot”. Implementation of POS system allows you to provide customers with the possibility to make a purchase on the spot thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Know when to reach the customer

Know when to reach the customer

When your customers do their purchases? Is it Monday afternoon or Saturday morning? When they start their Christmas shopping? Knowing that information allows you to reach the customer right at the moment when they are ready to buy. POS system from CuboRubo can collect and send those data for further analysis.

Learn What to offer

Learn What to offer

Sales data is hard to be overestimated. Knowing your customers’ tastes allows you not only offering them the correct product but also not to spend money on the products, that will remain unclaimed on your warehouse. CuboRubo team will design and configure your POS system to collect all the information that you require.

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