Landing pages

CuboRubo knows how to build great landing pages

Building landing page is easy. Building great landing page is what we do!

The main goal of the perfect landing page is to drive the conversions. While developing the landing page, you need to consider a whole bunch of different factors. In CuboRubo we know exactly how to what it takes to build a great landing page.

Increase your conversion with CuboRubo professional landing pages

Outstanding design

Outstanding design

In-depth optimization

In-depth optimization

Powerful content

Powerful content

Features that make your landing page perfect

  • Correct Headline

    The headline should repeat the one in the ad leading to this page. It should go straight to the point and don’t confuse the visitors

  • Trust Indicators

    Using of 3rd party security certificates will increase the conversion rate

  • Stay Above The Fold

    Put all the important information including call to action within visitor’s sight

  • Outstanding Grammar

    It is important to build the trust with the potential customer and good grammar helps to demonstrate your proficiency

  • Less Links

    Putting too many links on single landing page will distract visitors from the main goal

  • Keep Testing

    Testing is the best way to improve conversion on a long run

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