Boost your sales with CuboRubo e-commerce experts

Building e-commerce website will bring
the business to a new level


of Americans prefer to shop online


of the offline sales were driven by web


E-commerce sales volume grow 14% each year and forecasted to reach 523 billion in 2020

CuboRubo team knows exactly how to build profitable e-commerce sites

Develop your e-commerce strategy

Develop your e-commerce strategy

When thinking about new e-commerce website, it is important to formulate the business development strategy. This strategy will not only determine the ways to expand your business but also the structure of your e-store. CuboRubo professionals will help you developing your e-commerce strategy and design the website in accordance with it.

Choose the correct e-commerce platform

Choose the correct e-commerce platform

There are many CMS platforms for building the e-commerce website, however not all of them are the same. The main difference is the flexibility. The easier it is to create the e-shop with the CMS, the less flexibility it offers. Thereby, you can only expect to create the copy of existing online store without additional functionality. Keep in mind that those websites are difficult to promote. CuboRubo team can create the e-commerce ecosystem of your dream whether you choose to use CMS, such as WooCommerce, OpenCart etc., or to create it from scratch to make sure it works exactly as you want.

Optimize your e-store

Optimize your e-store

Developing the online shop is only a half way. After the website goes live, the main task is to analyze the performance and optimize your e-store. It is important to track visitors behavior in order to understand where you lose the potential buyers and to fix the potential issues. CuboRubo team will stand by your side even after the project is released so any required changes will be made as soon as possible.

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