Why you should outsource web development services

Have you ever wondered why so many tech companies are opting for outsourcing software web development?

Why do they choose to outsource instead of hiring an in-house team?

What makes outsourcing software development services so attractive in their eyes?

Statista reports that 288 billion USD was spent on outsourcing IT services in 2013 alone, and that number has grown significantly ever since. That’s a whole lot of money, right? Which advantages of outsourcing IT services encourage people to hire a remote team instead of an in-house one?

Why should you outsource web development?

Let’s make it clear: it is entirely normal to have doubts about such kids of services especially if you have never used them yourself. It’s new; it’s unknown. Why, after all, should you trust it?

However, we are pretty sure that you will feel differently about it once you read our complete guide to it. In this article, we will walk you through both pros and cons of IT outsourcing and let you decide which works best for you - outsourcing or traditional IT development.

Seven benefits of outsourcing web development

  1. It keeps your pockets full.
    If you are in a never-ending battle with your company’s budget, then choosing to outsource software development services can be a great idea.

    It’s easy Math: hiring an in-house team means that you agree to pay for their vacations, sick leaves, and even snow days. Besides, you are in charge of paying the taxes, renting an office big enough to accommodate a whole team, and providing snacks.

    Altogether this adds up to be a significant amount of money, and if your company could use the help of an IT outsourcing firm to stretch a dollar, then why not trying it?
  2. It helps you focus on your core functions.
    As a Manager of a company, you have more duties to focus on than just organizing and monitoring the progress of a development team. You need to search for new connections, raise awareness about your brand, find investors, and build strategies to conquer the market.

    We know that running a startup or a big corporation takes up almost all of your time and energy. So, leave the technical development of your products to us and rest assured that we’ll do everything to meet and exceed your expectations.

    For this point to work out successfully, we as an outsourcing team of custom software developers need precise specifications of the future project. That is why initial communication is vital.

    But as soon as we make sure we understand your expectations clearly, you can get back to your core business activities and let us do what you hired us to complete. It is an excellent news both for startup and for existing businesses!
  3. It brings real talents to the table.
    Just think of the talent and experience you are gaining with a new development team. Sometimes the experience of such teams can reach up to several hundred years when combined. That translates into a lot of successful projects!

    Moreover, when you hire an in-house team, you typically get professionals that spent the last couple of years working on the same product. Of course, this means they got to polish particular skills and can write some code or fix bugs with their eyes closed.

    But on the other hand, it also means that they do not have such a broad experience as the professionals from IT outsourcing companies do. The latter usually shifts from one project to another after its completion. They get to learn many new things, implement cutting-edge technologies to meet the requirements of a particular project, and put their vast expertise into action.
  4. It offers more than just software development.
    Full stack outsourcing companies do not only offer experienced IT specialists to work on your project but also QAs, PMs, and the whole gang. Besides, the company can offer you more technologies than a regular in-house team.

    Thus, if in the course of a project you realize that you want to change the web design, you won’t have to hire a full-time professional to do this job for you. You can easily outsource this task to a person on staff with the company developing your project at the moment.

    It will cost you less than a full-time employee. And since this person has already worked with this team and is now in the same office with them, their collaboration can be a much more effective in terms of time. How great is it?
  5. It eliminates risks for your business.
    With an outsourcing team taking full responsibility for the project, you do not have to worry about deadlines. If you agreed on a certain date, you can totally count on them. And believe us, since they are interested to keep every client happy hoping that your positive feedback will bring in new customers, they will outperform themselves to meet your requirements.

    We are not talking about cases when the client himself changed the scope of work in the middle of the term. He should also take into account that his new suggested changes require time and effort that can go beyond the initial agreement.

    But in case no changes were suggested, the IT outsourcing company will do their best to meet your deadlines. So, you can plan your launching campaigns in advance and plan strategies on conquering the market with your incredible product!
  6. No need to deal with numerous contracts.
    Hiring, firing, and promoting employees inside your venture can be a troublesome experience. And as an owner of the business, you have to deal with it all or get more people on staff to delegate these responsibilities.

    But none of this would be an issue with an outsourcing software house. These guys take care of all this by themselves. And even if they do not have enough developers to complete your task, they will solve this issue all by themselves. You don’t even need to get your feet wet.

    Of course, you have to be very careful when signing a contract with the IT outsourcing company in question. Read all the points and pay attention not get any unpleasant surprises in the end. But that is the only contract you will have to deal with in the process.
  7. It gives you access to latest technology trends.
    If you want to have a competitive advantage over other companies in your niche, then outsourcing your software development can be a great idea as most IT development companies keep up with the latest trends. It is in their best interest if they want to top the market, and it works out just fine for you!

    And while it might take longer to hire an in-house specialist familiar and experienced in the cutting-edge technologies, you get full access to such talents via a reliable outsource software development house.

Now, as you better understand why IT outsourcing is beneficial, it is only fair to talk about the downside of IT outsourcing. You deserve to know all the truth to assess the risks and make a decision.

So, here, meet our list of disadvantages of web development outsourcing you need to bear in mind.

4 web development outsourcing cons

  1. You might experience the dark side of cultural differences.
    It is not a secret that it is significantly cheaper to hire developers from Eastern Europe or Asia, as their rates are much lower than those of their colleagues in North America or Western Europe. We by no means state that “cheaper” means “with poorer quality.”

    However, working with a person whose view of life, attitude to work and understanding of proper communication are very different from what you are used to might be tough.

    Solution: It is better to hire teams from countries whose mentality is closer to yours. Thus, if you live in Europe, then hiring a Ukrainian team is your best choice: you get to save much money, as their rates are lower, and their European mentality can truly boost your communication.
  2. The communication might be rather poor.
    Depending on the country you are outsourcing the development to, you might experience hardships of having proper communication across different time zones. If you live in the United States, you might be still in bed while your outsourced team is already wrapping up.

    And since excellent communication is key to successful product development, we believe it is worth mentioning as one of the disadvantages.

    Solution: There are two ways to solve this problem. First, you can choose to hire a team that does not live on the other side of the globe not to face this problem at all. Alternatively, you can agree about calls and online meeting at a time that fits both your schedules in advance. This point should be agreed on up front to eliminate any disagreements along the way.
  3. Hidden costs danger.
    You will not have this problem with an in-house team. You already how much you are paying them, so it is all taken care of. However, with an outsourcing team, you might get unfortunate surprises when it comes to the final price of the app they developed.

    They might spend extra hours to develop new functionality you did not agree on initially. As a result, the cost you discussed in the beginning can grow.

    In a worse case scenario, you might have to pay for some extra services mentioned in the contract if you did not read it carefully.

    Solution: It is always better to sign a contract together with your lawyer who can analyze the situation and pay your attention to things you might not have noticed.
    Besides, every time you ask them to develop new features, add hours to deliver the results to the initial contract.
  4. They’re only there to develop, not to update.
    If you are building an app from scratch and use IT outsourcing services for it, you have to be ready that after a couple of months you will have to update the app, add new features, change its design, etc. And for that, you will have to hire the team again. This is where in-house teams are really a better choice.

    Solution: Hire an in-house developer to constantly update and upgrade your product. Or use the services of the same outsourcing team again. After all, who knows the product better than the team that actually created it?

Now we are sure that you have a big picture and can make an informed decision. Of course, pros of tech outsourcing outweigh its cons. There is no doubt about that. And even the existing cons can be eliminated with proper communication with the team.

But it is entirely your decision!

Finally, as a professional technology company, we would like to mention that should you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them all. Just drop us a line at hello@cuborubo.com and let our representative get back to you within one business day.

We are in love with what we are doing and will be happy to share this passion with you by implementing your great ideas into an incredible app built using cutting-edge technologies and our years of expertise!


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